H.G. Giger - Alien Cake

“Hi Emma, Thank you so much for making the amazing Alien cake! I loved the detail and accuracy, it looked really realistic. Everyone I have shown the cake to said that it looked fantastic!” Best regards, Zak

Based on the Chest Buster…

We’ve made Yoda from Star Wars, Doctor Who’s Tardis and other Sci-Fi themed cakes before, but this really took it to anther dimension! This design was based on the Chest Buster scene from the classic 1979 film “ALIEN” directed by Ridley Scott.

It was commissioned for established artist Zak Trevett (by his dad) for his 16th birthday who had based his GCSE art on H.R.Giger having visited the Giger museum in Gruyères, Switzerland, so no added pressure for us!

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