Gustav Klimt - The Kiss

This year (2015) we wanted to make something both romantic and a bit different for Valentines day. We took inspiration from the painter Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss (Lovers) oil and gold leaf on canvas, which he painted between 1908 and 1909.

Valentines Cake

There has always been something about Gustav Klimt’s work that is timeless but with The Kiss being over a 100 years old and a film coming out this year about the artist we wanted to look in depth at this beautiful work. There are so many elements that are surprising when you look closely: the black base of the painting with the fantasy flowers in pinks and blues; the 1920s style of the black and blue/grey squares and rectangles; the swirling circles with magenta and scarlet centres.

A favourite discipline of ours to decorate cakes is painting directly onto the smooth iced surface. This was done with edible petal dust and icing sugar to get a depth to the work to reflect painting in oils. We wanted to get a look of opulence to the cake and chose to highlight some elements with real gold leaf. Overall the piece works as a whole but has also been used as inspiration for several birthday and anniversary cakes in the last few months.