Cakes of all Shapes & Sizes

We can create a stunning cake as a focal point to your celebration

There are many varieties of cakes that we can design for your special occasion.
We can do novelty, sculptured, sophisticated or quirky designs from fairytale castles to knights in shining armour.

Shaped Cakes

We sculpt your cake into almost anything from a barn owl to a toolbox.

However, please remember it is a cake and there are some limitations.

We do not make cakes the shapes of numbers as you don’t end up with much cake for your money and they take longer to cover which pushes the cost up even more. We recommend that you have a number as part of the decoration or even bursting out from the cake on wires.

All our cakes are priced with regards to how much time they take to create.

A sculpted cake usually takes longer so please bear this in mind when it comes to your budget. If your budget is small we can accommodate this - it may be that a round or square cake with a sugar crafted model on top is more fitting. Or if you want a real showstopper then we can go all out and create something truly amazing.

Basic Covered Cakes & alternative coverings…

Our cakes are usually covered in Renshaw’s roll-out fondant icing.

However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea, so there are alternatives. It has become a popular trend over the past few years to have naked or semi naked cakes, a thin skimming of buttercream around the outside which helps to keep the cake fresh and to stop it drying out.

We can also cover your cake in chocolate ganache - a rich and delicious blend of milk, dark chocolate mixed with fresh cream.

Cream cheese frostings can only be used on cakes that do not require sugar craft decorations as it is a water based icing which melts sugar. Royal icing is not a coating that we do - it is a very time-consuming method of decorating.

Stacked Cakes

Want the wow factor of a 5 tier cake but only having 60 guests and a limited budget?

We can create multiple tiers that are not all cake which gives you the opportunity to have a stunning centrepiece without all the calories and the price tag!

Cup Cakes

As modern tastes & fashions evolve a different approach is demanded of the professional wedding cake maker.

Angel Cake Company ensure we keep all the latest trends available. Cup cake cases are constantly changing and improving so we keep a myriad of colours and designs and cupcake wraps to complement your wedding theme. Cupcakes can be a more cost effective, but no less charming, as treats for your guests. They can also be beautifully packaged as gift favours for taking home as a reminder of a wonderful day. Our cupcakes are hand baked and decorated the day before your wedding so are as fresh, light and moist as possible.

Mini Cakes

Individually iced mini square or round cakes can be made in any of the cake types described, but as some cakes are more suitable than others this will be discussed at your consultation.

Whilst the visual effect of a stand full of mini cakes is stunning but if your budget is limited please remember that these cakes are time consuming, and therefore a costly choice. However it is a novel and personal way for gifts for chief guests like parents, bridesmaids and best man. They may be designed to complement your main cake, and beautifully packaged to present as an individual thank-you gift at the end of the ceremony.

Cheese Stacks

This is a modern trend that is becoming more popular as weddings tend to be less formal. A cheese stack will form a novel end to the buffet or wedding feast.

The cheeses are stacked, or displayed on a cake stand, decorated with tiny tomatoes on the vine, grapes, fresh figs and herbs, etc., and cut into by the bride and groom as is a traditional wedding cake. Popular local choices include Cornish Yarg, Dorset Blue Vinney, Vulscombe goats’ cheese, Maryland cheddar, Somerset Brie and Somerset Camembert.

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