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We don't just make cakes, we create art out of sugar!

Either for commisioned cakes or to place on your own cake. Whether you want your pets, flowers from your wedding day or a plaque for your child's christening cake, we can cater for all. It's a highly skilled craft that takes years to learn - if you wish to learn how - join our workshops. If you don't have the time we will make it for you.

Painted Cakes…

We have been creating edible painted cakes for many years and are a popular choice for something out of the norm. It can add an effective dimension to a design creating a truly individual piece of edible art, whether it be “Watercolour” or more of an “Oil” effect.

Sugarcraft Modelling

At Angel Cake Company we can craft practically anything you request out of sugar (within reason!) If you still want to make your family favourite cake recipe for a special occasion but feel out of your depth creating Scooby Doo or Darth Vader, we can do this for you, with notice. You can then produce a unique cake and add a professional decoration to it.

We cannot cover a cake that has not been made in our bakery due to our health and hygiene standards.

We can also create beautiful sugar flower arrangements to adorn your cakes. When ordering please be aware that it is very time consuming to create sugar flowers and the price does reflect this, but if you want an (almost) everlasting memento of your special occasion then we can create most types of flowers with fine sugarcraft work and attention to detail.

Shaped Cakes…

All our cakes are priced with regards to how much time they take to create. A sculpted cake usually takes longer so please bear this in mind when it comes to your budget. Remember, when considering your cake the impact you want to create at your celebration and our one-off designs do become a talking point and a lasting memory of your day.

Figures & Models…

Orangutans, pets, superheroes, suitcases, spitfires - we’ve made them all. We have clients who have kept their unique sugar models for years - we understand that Kilner jars are an ideal way to store and display them.

Figures from £30.
Bridal Couples - from £75.
Animals - from £20.
Sugarcraft - £25 per hour
The level of detail dictates the price.

Sugar Flowers…

We pride ourselves on being able to craft beautiful lifelike flowers for your celebration. Many times our sugar flowers have fooled people into thinking they are real, even florists!

Please call the studio to discuss your requirements and to get a guide on cost, but prices start from: 

Buttonhole size posies from £75
Larger Bouquets from £150
Unwired Edible Blossoms (loose) from £40

Relief work…

This is a way of making something “3D” but lying down on a cake - a sculptured feature raised from a flat background. It is a highly effective way of making a design more exciting than just flat without the worry of a fully 3D sculpture - this is especially good for transporting a design long distance. Relief is usually quicker to create than a freestanding version so if your budget is small it can be a good option.

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